Why is this whole color stuff important? Because the right colors can have an extremely positive impact on your appearance.  Doesn’t matter if Marc Jacobs makes a beautiful dress in puke green, if you don’t look good in the color then you shouldn’t buy it. All you have to do is open any “In Touch” or “People Magazine” to see celebrities wearing designer items that look like crap on them. Study these magazines, in the checkout line of course, as a primer for what not to wear.

Other Ways to Use Color and the Color Wheel

Colors can also be used to help camouflage and enhance your body.  Black is slimming because it absorbs light, making a shape seem smaller. White makes an object appear bigger because it reflects light thus attracting the eye.  However, all black and all white outfits are slimming because they create a continuous line for the eye.

Color can also be used to create definition and highlight, because the eye will travel to the spot where the color is placed.  To understand this concept, take a red pen and place a dot on a scratch piece of paper and then take a black pen and place a dot on the same sheet.  Take a look at the sheet. What dot does your eye notice first? I bet you the red dot.

To learn more about the impact of color on your personal style purchase the bible on color and fashion, Color Me Beautiful.