Spring 2014 Budget Buys: Color Block Bag Trend

We figured as much about the staying power of the color block in fashion. Late last year, we noted the color block trend continued to gain traction on the fashion scene, which at that time , had been three years. This spring, handbags have taken up the cause of color block.

At Nordstrom,  top designers, including Marc Jacobs  and Kate Spade (who herself had color block bags last year) have a large selection of  color block handbags. Jacobs has gone so far as to color block zippers in his collection. But let’s talk about color block bags we Budget Fashionistas can afford. Nordstrom also has those. So do Target and other online sites. Need more proof? Check out our slideshow!

Spring 2014: Color Block Bag Trend

Isn’t PovertyFlats by Rian  an interesting name for a fashion company? The brand is named after a rural area in Eastern Oregon where the designer, Rian, himself grew up. What do you think of the name?

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