Colette Partners with Gap for Store in Manhattan

Credit: NY Mag

What: Colette, the ultra trendy Parisian store (think a French version of Henri Bendel + High End Urban Outfitters), is teaming up with Gap for a pop-up store that will be located next to the American brand’s 54th and 5th Ave store in Manhattan. The collection, called Colette x Gap, will feature accessories, clothing, etc from the store and will open on Sept 6th, for a month, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

What I Say: Having just come back from Europe* and seeing how the dollar really, excuse my language, sucks**, I think this is a good move by the Gap. Plus you avoid the VAT tax, a very scary tax that ranges from 16-19.6% on all goods, which non EU citizens do get back on certain (but not all) purchases, makes you realize our tax system isn’t all that bad. The Colette’s beauty selection is legendary and, if you’re trying to go for that Kanye-West-Electronica lifestyle, then this is the brand for you (you could get similar items for much less at Urban Outfitters).  I just hope they realize that while French women may not get “fat”, American women do***, and show some love by throwing in a XL size.

*Tobias was presenting at a conference so his expenses were paid or else our big trip this summer would have been to the IKEA, off exit 13 on the NJ turnpike. It’s a really good IKEA.

** It really does. A Whopper, cause Burger King is EVERYWHERE in Europe, costs about $7.

*** Not saying we’re fat and not saying that French women are all skinny minis. Just that the Gap has been moving closer and closer to European sizing.

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