Make The Switch Now: Essential Updates for Your Cold-Weather Skincare Routine

Every few months, I undergo the obligatory closet revamp to stay current with the season.  In May that means more halter tops and open toe sandals while in October I bring out the (faux) fur and leather!  It’s a fashionista-no-brainer.

Hot and humid temperature requires a completely different game plan from cold and windy.  And that goes for skincare, too! Perhaps you’ve noticed the products that gave glowing skin last summer don’t present the same success now.  That’s because you need to update your skincare regime to reflect the times.  Here’s how!

Update Your Beauty Routines with These Cold Weather Skin Care Tips!

Add Oil

I know it sounds extreme, especially if you’re acne prone like me, but bringing oil into your routine is an effective way to tackle dehydration and dry skin.  You can apply the oil directly onto your face á la Emma Stone who uses Grapeseed Oil in lieu of cream.  Or, if you can’t fathom applying oil to already oily skin, reach for a rich moisturizer instead.  The diluted oil will still work wonders in fighting against the drying elements, and if you buy one that says noncomedogenic  it won’t clog pores either.

Get Milk

There’s a reason why gel or soap based cleansers get a bad rap – they’re harsh!  Stripping skin of its natural oils and water, these cleansers leave the epidermis feeling taut and vulnerable to surrounding toxins.  Try switching to a non lathering, milky cleanser that removes impurities while hydrating at the same time.

Exfoliate less

Exfoliation is uber important all year round, but when the weather gets cold it’s better to slow down on the slough-off.  Over-exfoliation can irritate the skin causing it to become red, peeling and completely parched.  Cut back on nighttime retinols as well.  Use every other day, and always wait 15 minutes before putting your moisturizer on top.

Make Your Make-Up Work

Say bye to bye to powders, and opt for creamier foundations and blush.  For extra moisturizing benefits, add your daily cream into the mix.

Apply.  Reapply.  Repeat

Cracked, crinkly hands not only look bad, they hurt!  Get yourself a travel size container of your favorite body or hand lotion, stash it in your purse and start moisturizing now!

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