Clothing Swap Tips For Newbies

How to Do a Clothing Swap:

Do your own clothing swap. As Kathryn illustrated in her book, How to Be a Budget Fashionista, organizing your own clothing swap is pretty simple- just gather a few, fashion-minded friends, set a date, and swap away. It’s a great way to get rid of something that may be a bit too pricey or precious to give to a thrift store. Read about how to do your own clothing swap.

Friendless? Visit Don’t have any friends? Well you can search for swap party via the, a site that helps organize group meetings around the global. If you can’t find an existing swap party, then start your own.

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    I really share your opinion! Long time ago I was so fed up because I really needed to get new clothes so badly but didn’t have the money. I swapped lots of clothes with friends and other people from my town so that I have like an entirely new closet right now 😉

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