TBF Tool: Glossary of Different Types of  Bottoms

Here’s part two to the glossary that the publishing powers that be wouldn’t let me include in the book. It was developed as a guide to help me keep various fashion terminology straight. So, since I developed it anyway—why not share it with friends? As usual, feel free to add your own terms or send this to a friend.

A-line skirt: A fitted skirt at the waist that flares out creating an A-line

Boot cut: Lower rise pants that slightly flare from the knee to the ankle.

Box pleated: Two folds of fabric brought together to form a pleat.

Capri pants: Straight-cut pants that ends in the mid-calf to ankle area of the leg

Chemise/skimmer: A straight unbelted dress with different sleeves and lengths.

Column skirt/straight skirt: A straight-line skirt without flares or fullness at the hem or waistline (aka pencil skirt).

Flat front pants: Pants without pleat in the front.

Gaucho: Extremely wide-legged pants that end in the mid calf to ankle region of the leg. Are normally worn with boots.

Handkerchief style: A hem of a blouse or skirt that is gently jagged to form flowing points.

Sarong skirt: A long cloth that is wrapped entirely around the body, often worn over bathing suits.

Sheaths: Skirts that are straight or close fitting and accompanied by a form fitting bodice. These skirts are normally ankle length and sometimes have slits in the front, side, or back to make it easier to walk.

Skort: Shorts+ skirt= skorts. Basically, shorts that are covered to appear like skirts.

Tulle skirt/bouffant gown: A puffed-out, sheer colored skirt often made out of stiffened silk, rayon or nylon net. 

Cited from: http://www.dressking.com/search/glossary.htm