Closet (Neat) Freak: 7 Things to Throw Away In Your Closet

4. Painful shoes: They may be the sexiest darn things to grace your feet, but if wearing them makes your feet such a medical nightmare that even your podiatrist gasps in fear, it’s time to set them free.

5.Target-weight clothes: You know that teeny-tiny little black dress in the corner of your closet that tantalizes you every time you look at it? It’s two sizes too small, but it was eighty percent off at Bloomies, and you figured you’ve been trying to lose the Freshman Fifteen since, well, freshman year of college…which was over ten years ago. Yeah…It’s time to set this one free, too.

6. Old bridesmaid dresses: Your BFF swore she’d pick a bridesmaid dress that was re-wearable, and three years later, you’re learning that she’s a liar. You haven’t touched that Pepto-Bismol-pink ballgown since, well, the night she got married. You’re not going to wear it again. Donate it or sell it.

7. If you haven’t worn it: If you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s gotta go. Yes, even if it’s new with tags. Even if it’s a well-intentioned gift from your boyfriend’s stepmama. It’s gotta go.

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