Cleaning Up Peacefully


Summer is the time for graduation celebrations, Independence Day barbecues, and pool parties. Cleaning your entire house for guests sounds daunting, but don’t fret — it’s possible to clean your house without stress and irritation plaguing you. Here, some tips, from us and our friends at Dollar Tree on fixing up your place in preparation.

1. Start with clutter. Organize your mess into boxes — Trash, Storage, Put Away, or Give Away. You need cardboard boxes and a marker for this task.

2. Don’t go crazy about the dust that hides behind your couch — focus on the big picture. After you’ve put away your clutter, clean all the surfaces. Make sure you like what you’re seeing when you step away. Then, get down and dirty with the details to make the rooms really shine.

3. Multi-task. Clean your kitchen floor while waiting for your apple pie to cook. Purchase cleaners that work on different surfaces and in different rooms to save bucks. Finally, keep all your supplies in a caddy or another container and carry it around from room to room instead of darting back and forth from underneath the kitchen sink.

4. Definitely take breaks! Don’t attempt to tackle your living space in one hour. Sit down and drink some lemonade, take a breath, and daydream about how much fun you’ll have at your party.

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