Clairol Nice N’ Easy Root Touch-Up: Product Review

What: Angela takes Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up for a test run.

The Lowdown: When the budget gets tight, getting your hair colored somehow doesn’t make it to the top of the priority list (seems that everyone else in the household wants stuff like food and electricity — go figure). That being said, when you’ve already been coloring your hair and have a half-inch of unsightly root to contend with, what’s a girl to do? Take matters into your own hands, as cheaply as possible, that’s what. Enter Clairol’s Nice N’ Easy Root Touch-Up home color kit. For less than $7, it promises a perfect color match, no matter what product you’ve used previously, salon or home color. Hmmmm.

While a perfect match was hard for me (a veteran of multiple color disasters) to imagine, as it turns out Clairol makes good on this particular promise. Using the broadly-named “dark brown” shade, I slipped on the rubber gloves, mixed up the color in the plastic tray provided, and applied to dry hair with the handy little application brush. The color went exactly where it was supposed to, with relatively little fuss or muss. The best part? After rinsing out and blowdrying, my roots matched seamlessly with the rest of my hair (which had been salon colored previously), and here I am a week later, with my roots still looking great. Which means I can wait just a little longer for my next full color, which in the long run saves me some dough. Which makes me happy.

Yea or Nay: Yea, especially if you normally get your hair colored at the salon — it’s cheap, easy, and will extend the life of your regular colorings, meaning you save money. Your colorist might not like it, but he doesn’t have to pay your credit card bill, does he?

Buy it: Online for $6.99 at Drugstore, but I got it for closer to $6 at my local WalMart.

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