Clair Flair: The Fashions of TV Mom & Style Icon Clair Huxtable

Wild Side


While the mindful Huxtable mom often wore solid colored sweaters and jumpsuits, she definitely had her colorful moments.  Back then it looked normal, but when I think about it now . . . wow.  I can’t help but wonder if a paint factory exploded on some of those tops.  Sometimes the look was an intentional funny focal point of an episode, but other times, it was representative of her typical style.  Either way, she made wild patterns and color combos stylish, balancing everything with her coiffed hair and bright smile.

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Big, Blousy ‘n Boxy 

Never absent from Clair’s style: large collars poking from underneath a roomy blazer and plenty of loose silk blouses.  We found a few fun and affordable Huxtable-ish looks.

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Big Bling

I don’t think I’ve seen an episode of The Cosby Show where Clair Huxtable was without earrings or a necklace.  But forget tiny studs or delicate chains.  Layered necklaces and earrings three times the size of her lobes were all the rage.

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