Christmas Wrapping Paper, Cards, and Boxes: Green Tip

After Christmas, we all have a large stockpile of cards, trash full of wrapping paper, and loads of boxes. Don’t throw everything away yet!  Here is your chance to be a pack rat and prepare for next year’s holiday season.

Reuse those Christmas Cards

A great way to recycle those Christmas cards is to cut out the nice pictures on them and use them for gift tags next year. We like using the tops of Christmas cards to create our own custom cards. Why spend money on new cards when you have a stockpile of perfectly good ones?  Reuse your cards and save a tree in the process.

Reuse your Gift Wrap

Rather than tearing that paper to shreds, open it carefully and you can find other ways to use that paper other than throwing it away. Wrapping paper makes great book covers. You can also cut the pictures on wrapping paper and use them for your own custom Christmas cards. You might think this is just being cheap, but actually you are reducing our landfills that already become over congested every year.

Save the Boxes

What couldn’t we use boxes for?  Why throw away Christmas boxes to buy more last year when you’ve just received some?  Let’s face it—Christmas box fashion hasn’t changed much over the years.  The best thing about boxes is, the fit inside each other taking up minimal space.

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