Christmas Shopping in October at Macy’s

Last week my new friend Cate and I went shopping around Herald Square (NYC). After spending two hours in H&M looking for “something in the color green,” we headed out into the damp New York streets. Everything was Tokay, until Cate suddenly stopped and shrieked “Please tell me that is not Christmas lights and a Santa Claus display on Macy’s.” Upon examining the 50-foot light display, I replied “Yes, Cate. There is a Santa Claus.  Apparently he has set up shop at Macy’s in September.”

So flash forward to this weekend in Minneapolis. I walked by a very well known drug store chain and what do I see . . .  Christmas bows mixed in with Halloween candy corn.

Now personally I like to do my Christmas shopping in August, during the end of the season sales. However, I don’t want to see Christmas items on sale before I figure out my Halloween costume. 

Retailers . . . at least wait until the candy corn is gone.

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  1. Naomi says

    I agree in the supermarket they already have out the christmas pudding? I’m trying to save up some money to buy a warm coat for now amongst other things and I’m forced to think about christmas already. It’s too soon.

    Although they might argue it gives us plenty of time to buy to buy in advance

  2. Manda says

    They’ve got trees, ornaments, the whole shebang up at Urban Outfitters in NYC as of this past Monday. I turned to the sales lady and said, “You have got to be kidding.”

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