I Shop the Day Before Christmas – And I Love It! The Lowdown on Christmas Eve Shopping

My habit of Christmas Eve shopping for presents began just as you can imagine why: procrastination, uncertainty, and “things to do.”  At first, my excuses seemed sound- I was living across the country and wanted to shop when I was at home so I wouldn’t have to pack the gifts or I was traveling for work so I waited until I returned to the states.  But as the years passed, it became apparent that shopping last minute was my thing.  And not just last minute – the day before Christmas, to be exact.

Christmas Eve Shopping: Holiday True Confessions

Luckily, my family is not one that wants the latest gadget or gizmo.  My shopping can usually get accomplished by stopping in a local book store (Barnes and Noble) and perhaps Gap (my brother doesn’t shop).  Are you cringing? Are images of last-sweater brawls, long lines, and yards of ribbon dancing through your head?  Well, sure, it is a bit nutty.  Sometimes, hectic.  But in truth, the real issue with last-minute shopping is not that it’s busy.  In fact, it’s really not much busier than the few days before- the struggle is that all last-minute shoppers don’t really know what they are looking for.  Yep, it’s always for the postpone giftee, perhaps the one who has everything or the one who doesn’t like anything.  This is why, my friends, if there is one thing you won’t find the day before Christmas, it’s the gift card.  The gift certificate.  The last resort – and they go fast.

So if  there is one tip for last-minute shopping, fret and ponder not on which store will be the least busy or the most well-stocked. Spend you pre-trip thinking about what you are looking for and a few alternatives.  Otherwise, you WILL be meandering in a sea of last-minute shoppers and you WILL be fighting over the one remaining gift card.

This year, I decided to try something new.  It’s still in the flavor of last-minute shopping, but I’m hoping it’s even easier: online shopping.  Promised delivery by December 24th, yes, I’d say that’s cutting it close.  But this way, I can order clothes and books and things and not have to lift a finger aside from the one that answers the front door.

A whole new level of last minute shopping? Perhaps.  But I love it.

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  1. Purplepatches1970 says

    I waited until the last minute and got great deals at Old Navy. I only spent $75.00 and got gifts for my two daughters, my husband and even myself it was great.

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