Christmas Cookies: Go Green

Looking to impress friends, family and neighbors this year with your home baked treats? Sure you can buy Rice Krispies and Jet-Puffs, after all, who doesn’t love a freaking krispie treat? But if you want to stay green, it’s time to re-commit to buying your food locally and in season.

Luckily, Harvest Eating features recipes and commentary by Chef Keith Snow that promote buying foods that are, “fresh and in-season; then prepare them using whole, natural ingredients produced by farmers not chemists.” Dang, that probably doesn’t include our famous, “Fried Snickers of Bethlehem.”

Still, there are plenty of options from Chef Snow for the holiday table. Our cookie pick is the hard to pronounce, but very simple, Vanilla Kipfel. The Kipfel is essentially a delicious pecan ball covered in powdered sugar. Check out the recipe here and get to baking some holiday goodness.

Other delicious dishes include butternut squash ravioli, southern cornbread dressing and twice baked potatoes with jumbo lump crab. Yum, with the twice-baked potatoes stuffed with lump crab. Just watching these videos might make you gain that holiday fifteen. But hey, it’s local, seasonal and green. Get your seasonal eat on!

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