Christina Aguilera at Topshop

What: Christina Aguilera is rumored to be developing a budget friendly fashion line for the British fast fashion store, TopShop.

What They Say: From Refinery29: Here’s one we didn’t see coming—rumors are circulating that platinum-blonde, pop-princess, Christina Aguilera is to design a range for British retailer Topshop (and she’ll get a reported 4 million pounds for it, too).

What We Say: We told you that celebrities will be clamoring to develop budget lines in 2009 (well MOST celebrities, Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Duff Piddy was EVERYWHERE this holiday season pushing his high price vodka and men’s cologne). However, while we think Xtina is an awesome singer, her fashion choices have not always been on point- Remember that wig she wore to an award show a few years back?

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  1. Target-Addict says


    It’s interesting that she (as an American) would be doing a collection for TopShop, vs. a British pop idol doing one.  Especially in light of the “comeback” of Britney Spears.  Aren’t the Brits all about Britney right now?

  2. TexanBargainHunter says


    Very interesting about the profit margins.  Is that why all the brits are acting like it is an episode of supermarket sweep when they visit?  Seriously – it is shop til they drop.

  3. says


    @TexanBargainHunter- Brits are going crazy when they shop here cause the dollar was VERY weak compare to the pound. When I was in London this past summer it was $2.20 to every 1 pound… So essentially everything was 50% off for them… I am SO not hating them.. One British friend told me that the amount she saved on shopping in the US covered her airfare AND hotel.

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