Adventures in Home Shopping: Chloe Dao on QVC

You know those home shopping networks you sometimes pass over without a second thought? Savvy budget shoppers need to know this: the truth is, designer goods can be had on home shopping networks, sometimes for less money and a wider variety of sizes.

Take Chloe Dao, for example. Project Runway fans will know her as the winner of Season 2, but what you may not know is that while her higher end goods are available on line through Lot 8 Boutique, more budget friendly pieces are available on QVC. For example, you could get a pretty but simple empire waist silk halter dress at Lot 8 for $278, or you can go to her Simply line at QVC, and get this versatile Chloe Dao sequined dress for just $84.75 (even less, it seems, than the retail value of $112).

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