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It seems most deal aggregators claim to be all things to all people. They can personalize your deals and offer you loyalty programs and read your mind…okay, obviously, they don’t really claim to do that that last one. But, truly, they can’t all be the best! We recently checked out a site called for your benefit and we’re reporting here.

Our Review: Don’t be mislead by the city in the site’s title because many of the deals and promo codes here are online, thus you can live anywhere in the states and still score a discount. The true question is: How fabulous are these discounts? Fashion-wise they’re not bad. We saw brands like C&C California, 7 For All Mankind, Zappos, JC Penney, Target and more.

We did notice that a lot of the “deals” allow you to earn WOWpoints, which is Chicagoshopping’s loyalty program and at first glance, fluffs up their seemingly large list of national deals. However, many of these direct you to sites that are already offering deals independent of Chicagoshopping and the only extras you’ll get are these WOWpoints. If you’re not going to utilize this site often, then you’re not really getting a better deal.

Live in The Windy City? Well lucky you! This site has deals exclusively for Chicagoans that seem okay, so that’s cool in our book. We also like their Tips and Advice section that has a blog about living on a budget. Perhaps we’re biased but this is our favorite topic to write and read about!

Verdict: This site doesn’t blow us away. We say yea for Chicago Shoppers because it aggregates national and local deals for you. For others, it’s a maybe.

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