How to Make A Checkerboard Tray

Shouts of “king me!” will echo throughout your dwelling after you make this project. It’s a checkerboard. It’s a serving tray. It’s a breakfast-in-bed tray. Or, it’s all three simultaneously. While idly walking through our favorite crafts store, our eyes darted to a checkerboard stencil. In the very next aisle, we spotted a wooden tray, just aching to be decorated. We granted its request. We used stars and moons instead of plain circles, but feel free to experiment.

Checkerboard supplies

-Plain, wooden tray. Ours has legs, but if you can’t find one with them, don’t fret.

– Dark paint. We used green.

– Checkerboard stencil. Make sure it fits the tray.

– The “checkers.” They should complement each other and are small enough to fit into squares. We used little leaves

– Optional: Small box to carry the pieces in.

How to do it

1. Place your stencil into the middle of the tray, making sure it’s facing the right way.

2. Paint in the open squares.

3. At this stage, we painted our stars because we wanted to pump up the color. It’s your choice if your playing pieces need paint or not.

4. Paint the carrying box if you chose to use one.

5. Let everything dry.

6. Find a partner and challenge them to a tournament.

Finished checkerboard

Here is our finished checkerboard tray (yes, with one sloppy square at the top). The glass of water is a prop, added for realism. If you love this idea and want to make another homemade board game, check out Fridge Scrabble.

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