Cheap vs. Chic: The Shoulder Bag by Belstaff

According to ever hip folks at Fashion Week Daily the bag from the British Leisure company Belstaff (think Banana Republic circa 1988), is the new “it” bag. Seen on the silver screen in the movie Interpreter by the dean of Fashionistas, Nicole Kidman, this overpriced canvas and leather bag is available at Barneys and Berdorf.

Budget Fashionistas,  save $550 bucks and purchase a similar bag at Old Navy for $24.50. It looks close enough to the Belstaff bag, which looks like something I bought about 4 years ago at the Gap. In fact, I did buy a bag exactly like the $600 Belstaff bag at the Gap in New Haven, CT for less than $50 bucks. Let me go through my fashion archives (read: my basement), to see if I can find it. You know I’m going to rock it like it’s fresh from Barneys.

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  1. paul says

    Let’s see the Old Navy bag hold up over years of use. My Belstaff has even saved my stuff more than once from being destroyed.

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