Cheap Mosaic Wall Installations, Frugal by Necessity, and More: Web Round-Up

Save Money and Get in Shape This Spring via – Greenopia offers great ideas on how to get in shape and give back to the environment, when your gym membership is no longer fitting in your ever-tightening budget.

Suddenly Frugal by Necessity, Not by Choice via Green Baby Guide – Green Baby Guide’s “Thrifty Green Thursday” post encourages others to set up an emergency fund after the Guide’s fund comes in handy.

Make a Cheap Mosaic Wall Installationvia Dollar Store Crafts – Let’s say you started a scrapbooking hobby, bought a ton of groovy paper, then realized it was just way too much pressure to keep the scrapbook up…whatcha gonna do with all that paper?Sounds like a mosaic wall installation just waiting to happen…

Weekly DIY Roundup: More Skirts! via Threadbanger – Ready to get adventurous?Recycle sweatshirts, t-shirts, and other fabrics into your greenest skirt of the season!

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