May might have just won the title of the Trendiest Birth Month of 2013. This year’s Big Winner among Pantone folks is Emerald Green. Emerald is the birth stone of Tauruses and Geminis everywhere. Green in all its glorious shades and hues (that includes emerald green) is in for Spring. See how everything all just seemed to click and connect when we talk about emeralds? But we just can’t help it–emeralds have been adored by royals and divinities in history and myths through the millenia. Known as Aphrodite’s sacred stone, loved by Cleopatra, and admired by the man that built Taj Mahal, this gemstone will always represent to us the richness of hope, love, and eternity. For those lucky enough to be born in May and have emeralds as their birthstone, we rounded up some of our favorite May birthstone necklaces under $40 from Overstock.

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