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Classic Cheap Jeans: Levi’s

Levi's Jeans


Jeans, as we know them today, were created by Levi Strauss & Co. in the 1920s, and this line clings to its heritage while also adapting to 21st century fit and style. For $45 to $98, you can pick new styles from the current denim line such as the 505 straight-leg jean with a classic fit. Or you can use the online Find Your Curve  quiz to identify your body type (slight, demi, bold or supreme) using waist and seat approximations and fit issues (gaps in back, waist too tight, not enough coverage).

Date Night Cheap Jeans: Asos

asos jeans

Mom, pop star and “American Idol” judge, J.Lo. seems to do it all, including making cute, cheap jeans. Her Kohl’s line is seemingly priced to always be on sale, including the jeans, which start at around $54 (side-eye), but are often on sale for $38. We like that her jeans fit well, but also are a bit on the trendier side.

Trendy Cheap Jeans: Forever 21

Trendy Skinny Jeans

Want the colored denim, but not interested in J Brand prices? Try the denim at Forever 21. Sized by waist (24-31 and up to size 22 in plus), they’ve got red, teal, hot pink and royal blue for under $30–including plus sizes. If you dare go even trendier, they’ve got metallic treatments and leather-like coatings. Plus, the price means that you’ll need to wear them 10 times to reach a reasonable cost per wear.

What is your pick for the best cheap jeans? Share your favorite brand below.

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  1. Sparkle Cupcake says

    JC Penney has great jean prices in their Junior department…all cuts from super skinny to boot cut and the COLORED Denim for 15-29 bucks!

  2. Kim says

    If you’re like me and don’t have the curves women’s jeans are made for, try Delia’s jeans. I’ve had the best luck with their Bailey fit; it’s closer to a mid rise than their other cuts so they don’t have that “juniors jeans” look. I’ve tried their Taylors and Morgans, too, but the Taylor fit is way too skinny (can you say “muffin top?”) and the Morgans, which are supposed to be skinny, wear much more like a straight leg. They’re definitely not jeans to go out in, but they’re fantastic for day-to-day wear–and so, so comfortable!

  3. Tracy says

    I like the Target Mossimo Premium Denim Bootcut jeans. They sit lower on your waist but aren’t too low cut (I’m 50 AND I wear them to work on casual days). They come in multiple washes and short and long lengths. I have a straight waist and narrow hips and despite the low price tag ($29) these jeans fit me better than any jean I’ve found so far. They don’t shrink or twist in weird ways in the wash either.

  4. Maya says

    Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda classic fit tapered. Comes in many lengths, including petite short. Maybe runs a bit small- if you like skin tight buy your regular size, otherwise 1 size up. Black is great. These are really cheap and are often on sale at Kohl’s.

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