Who would have thought that Morrissey (yep, the guy who fronted The Smiths back in the 80s) knew his purses? Just this month, he got into a bag bicker with Beyonce over her use of animal skin bags and accessories, and proceeded to dedicate his band’s popular pro-veggie anthem, “Meat Is Murder”, to the megawatt diva. Uh-oh! Will this be enough to change Bey’s mind? (And Mr. Carter’s, too, seeing how he’s particularly proud of his $2500 Brooklyn Zoo Air Jordans made out of elephant skin?) Whether you’re Team Moz or you simply balk at the thought of wearing non-faux animal skin goods, we have rounded up 5 pretty faux animal skin bags under $50 from Overstock.

From sophisticated faux crocs to on-trend faux snake skin, these affordable bags will add a touch of upscale to your wardrobe in an instant!

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