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We love big ideas here at The Budget Ecoist but sometimes it’s all we can do to separate our paper and plastic, much less sort through eco-friendly and non when taking care of our daily home business. So how is a busy guy or gal supposed to keep green, awesome and affordable living simple? Here are two easy ways to fight pesky enemies of the environment.

Chico Bag

The paper or plastic debate is over and the winner is – reusable! The Chico Bag is big enough for asparagus, recycled toilet paper, organic peanut butter and five pints of Ben & Jerry’s, and smartly designed to avoid feeling like the burlap shopping bag lady at the food co-op. If you’re planning on doing your grocery shopping with these trendy totes (and plan on remembering to put them in your car so they can actually be used on said shopping trips) bulk up at five bucks – the fifth bag is free. This 18” by 18” schlepper is even big enough to carry one of those yappy dogs if you’re Paris Hilton, or just shop for canines like her.

Online bill paying

Most banks (and major utilities) offer online bill payment as part of their never-ending quest to make the customer happy. And that was written with a straight face. If you’ve got it together and are already signed up to pay every bill without the waste of envelopes and print-outs with one piece of information you probably didn’t even need – why are you reading this? But if you need a little help, check out For five bucks a month and fifty cents per transaction you can pay every single bill from your couch/desk/favorite coffee shop. It even works when the people you owe money don’t offer virtual payment. It’s like magic – beautiful green magic.

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