CFDA/Vogue Gap Design Editions Launches In Stores (and Online) Today

Part Deux of the Council of Fashion Designers of America/Vogue Gap Design Edition launched today at and in select Gap stores. The line features new takes on the “classic” white shirt by finalists from the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund (Philip Lim, Michael Bastian, Band of Outsiders, Asfour). As noted last year, don’t go to the site expecting to find cheap shirts—this line falls more in the “cheaper- than-Saks-but-more-expensive-than-Target” category.

This year the edition includes accessories by Phillip Crangi, whose $35.00 rope bracelet honestly looks like something I made back in the day at Camp Iduhapi.  Head to Nylon magazine’s site to see what the shirts look like on normal people (who aren’t really normal because they work at Nylon magazine and live in NYC).

Note to Gap: Next year please cut down on all the graphics. We know that you’re in San Francisco where there’s a developer lurking around every corner, but seriously… 4 clicks to get to the actual shirts?

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