Celebrity Fashion: Lauren Conrad Limited Release

What: Lauren Conrad, of MTV’s The Hills and formerly Laguna Beach, has released limited items from her new line.

What the fashion heads say: This, from People.com: “The fashion line will reflect her upbringing in the Southern California lifestyle, with easy-to-wear dresses, tops and silhouettes—all at an affordable price ranging from $42-$150.”


What I say: At least Conrad has some cred, being that she’s actually spent some time in design school and worked as an intern at Teen Vogue. How many fashion students/interns get their own clothing line? Ah, that’s the rub – pushing her stuff into “celebrity designed” clothing status. Which tends to bug us. Still, I actually like Lauren (as played by herself on TV), so I give her props for making use of the opportunities at her feet. The items are basic and cute enough, though the hemlines are clearly meant for the LA, under-25 set. In other words, not me. Oh, and the cheapest piece of the 10 currently available is a little sleeveless top for $85, so we’ll see about those affordable prices (the top shown here is $100). So, what say you?

Check out the rest of the pieces at: Lauren Conrad
photo by People.com


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  1. Mally says

    Nay on the price. I wouldn’t change my mind even if she’d been a designer for years. I could possibly understand a higher price if these pieces had a great deal of tailoring and whatnot, but they aren’t that way.

  2. B. says

    Is it just me or do they look generic?  I mean they look like every other empire waist, 70s inspired dress and smocked top out there.  I have a top from Anthropologie that looks exactly like the shirred top from LC.

  3. says

    All the pieces were quite cute and wearable (okay, maybe not for everyone, but at least the tops), but I was sad to see that this “affordable” line wasn’t really affordable for me. I love the wrap cardigan – but I think I can find similar for around $50, pair it with some american apparel leggings and a tube top and get the same effect for under $100.

  4. Rachel says

    Its generic and not budget friendly. You can get the same thing at Target.
    I’m a big team LC member so I would love to see her do something new and ready to wear. Oh and budget friendly!
    She’s gone to school for this, show us you learned something than how to copy other styles and over charge for them!

  5. Alisha says

    I agree with Jen.  I think the clothing line is really cute… but definitely not “affordable.”  Especially when the demographic for her clothing line is under 25.  I really liked the wrap cardigan.  Does anyone know where I could find an affordable wrap cardigan similar to the one from Lauren Conrad’s line?

  6. bleh says

    I bet there are many other fashion students who would put together a much better range at those prices and would sell even more if they had the kind of backing she has… what a waste.

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