Celebrity Fashion: Lauren Conrad Limited Release

What: Lauren Conrad, of MTV’s The Hills and formerly Laguna Beach, has released limited items from her new line.

What the fashion heads say: This, from People.com: “The fashion line will reflect her upbringing in the Southern California lifestyle, with easy-to-wear dresses, tops and silhouettes—all at an affordable price ranging from $42-$150.”

What I say: At least Conrad has some cred, being that she’s actually spent some time in design school and worked as an intern at Teen Vogue. How many fashion students/interns get their own clothing line? Ah, that’s the rub – pushing her stuff into “celebrity designed” clothing status. Which tends to bug us. Still, I actually like Lauren (as played by herself on TV), so I give her props for making use of the opportunities at her feet. The items are basic and cute enough, though the hemlines are clearly meant for the LA, under-25 set. In other words, not me. Oh, and the cheapest piece of the 10 currently available is a little sleeveless top for $85, so we’ll see about those affordable prices (the top shown here is $100). So, what say you?

Check out the rest of the pieces at: Lauren Conrad
photo by People.com