Fashion Week Spring 2008: Celebrity Get Paid to Attend Fashion Week


What: Celebrities now get paid to sit in the front row of fashion week.

The Scoop: From

“Katie’s a big deal now, so I would say a designer would have to pay $50,000 for her to sit in the front row and $100,000 to walk [as a runway model],” says the wrangler. “Nicole [Kidman] would get maybe $40,000 to sit and $80,000 to walk. Mischa [Barton] maybe $25,000 to sit.”

What I say: $50,000 and up for 15 minutes? Isn’t that more than Katie Holmes got paid for like a season of Dawson’s Creek? And designers complain about knock offs?

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  1. hsk says

    That is just sick !!!!
    How excessive and disgusting…
    The designer and celebrity should both be ashamed…Only good thing to do out of that would be donate all the money to charity..even then it’s still twisted

  2. anna says

    sick? twisted? not that bad… but unfair, yes… each to their own opinion, but you know that 15 minutes for these people is valuable, as most have 19 hr overscheduled days… We see it from our own eyes, but think of someone else who is a “big deal” now, but was a starving artist a couple years or even weeks or months ago… Yeah, thats a pretty big yearly salary and for 15 minutes? huge… but it is the way it is…

  3. TBF says


    if a top celebrity wears a garment, the garment sells. the garment sells because a large portion of the american (and other countries) buying public are celeb obsessed.

    my issue is that you shouldn’t complain about me carrying an inspired version of your handbag (not a knock-off, I do think they’re wrong), when you’re paying $35,000 for Joanie from Happy Days to sit on your front row..

  4. says

    The only reason why it happens is because we live in a society where it matters what the celebs are wearing.  25 years ago, you might have a movie star or a pop star or two at a fashion show, but most of the front row consisted of editors, writers, top buyers and other industry bigshots, and socialites.  Back then nobody really cared what celebrities wore.  Today, magazines chronicle everything these people wear, down to their skivvies (if any).  If the designer can get people to believe he’s a favorite of Katie Holmes or Nicole Kidman, he’ll sell a lot more than the 50K he paid to get their tushies in the chairs.

  5. Amanda says

    OMG, there is no way that Katie Holmes should be worth more than Nicole Kidman! Nicole is beautiful, stylish, and actually successful for movies and talent and not because of who she’s married to.

  6. Judy says

    OMG…I am beginning to think we have become like the ancient Romans…bread and circuses while the empire crumbles…our obsession with celebrity just keeps getting worse. 

    The only explanation I can conjure up is that our obsession with celebrity EVERYTHING counterracts our deep fears about the war in Iraq, terrorism, and America’s growing social problems.  Pure escapism to balance our more serious anxieties.

  7. hsk says

    I could further add this…Why don’t the celebrities go and support a designer that is ecologically, and socially responsible and then if they have that much money to spare donate that payment in the stars behalf to a charity or start their own charity to better the world….Again fashion is fashion but this little fact is truly excessive!!!

  8. cheryl says

    It is fairly commonplace to have celebrities sit in the “paying seats” at fashion shows…although the practice of doling out big bucks to movies stars is a new practice…designers will sell their clothes lines just based on who shows their faces at the shows,in the past they never had to stoop to paying them to sit up there, usually just gave them a piece from their line…its just another example of excess and how the society has become so jaded and hungry for this type of hype..its disgusting and sad yes, but then again if it was my clothing line I wouldnt want some unknown shlep sitting up front & center if I wanted to sell my couture fashions…its all about the might dollar..get used to it!

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