Celebs Start the New Year in Style

You know what we love most about this week’s best celeb looks? No, it’s not Kim Kardashian’s Birkin or Reese Witherspoon’s insane 4-carat engagement ring. It’s the fact that these 10 lovely ladies are working the red carpet– or the sidewalk– in their signature style.

True to form, Jennifer Lopez turned up the heat in a sparkly gold bandage dress and Lauren Conrad is gorgeous as the grown-up version of the same beach babe we met on Laguna Beach years ago. And that’s not dull, it’s fabulous, because fashion isn’t all about keeping up with every trend or imitating so-and-so. It’s about showcasing yourself in the way you want to be seen, feeling good and creating a look that’s your own.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to get a little inspiration now and then ….

Celebrity New Year Style

loader Celebs Start the New Year in Style