10 Best Dressed: Stars Looking Fabulous while Looking Totally Normal

Disclaimer notice: This week’s list of the ten best celeb looks includes no sequins, no diamonds and no gowns. We’re sorry if that disappoints you, but personally, we’re thrilled to show you how chic a person (like you) can look while just walking down the street.

Vanessa Hudgens and Whitney Port know that great hair beats designer heels for a head-turning look any day, and Diane Lane and Salma Hayak have decided just to let their enviable figures, not big baubles, do the talking. While you’re out running errands, returning less-than-desirable Christmas gifts and recovering from the holiday festivities, be reminded of these ten stars. With a figure-flattering pair of pants, comfy-chic boots and a general “I’m fabulous” demeanor, you too can look this effortlessly awesome.

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