Fashion Week: Fall 2007- Fall 2007 Fashion Gossip


Okay I have the hottest, juiciest piece of fashion week gossip to share with you guys.. I can’t give out names just yet.. but this is HUGE….. A certain famously stylish actress is teaming up with a way budget large retailer for an exclusive sportwears line to launch sometime this upcoming fall.  And get this.. most of the pieces will be way BELOW $20.

I’m waiting to here back from my contacts at the retailer to confirm and when I do and I will post it for us to discuss.

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  1. Jen says

    Beyonce for Wal-Mart?
    Reese W. for Target?
    Jennifer Aniston for K-Mart?
    Halle Berry for H&M?
    Nicole Kidman for Forever 21?

    I’m out of guesses.

  2. Andrea says

    Ok, since you said actress and fashion icon, I’m going to think old-school:

    Sophia Loren?
    Edie Sedgwick as channeled by Sienna Miller?

  3. Patrice Teilmann says

    I thought I recently read that the Gap is teaming up with a fashion icon, though I can’t quite remember.  I think the Gap could certainly use the help!

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