Celebrity Fashion: Beyonce on a Budget

As a style diva, Beyonce is known for her over-the-top moments both on the red carpet and on stage—while she pulls it off like no one else, the rest of us would be hard-pressed to want, much less be able, to wear shiny gold hot pants on any given day.

Fortunately, as a style icon, Beyonce manages to give even jeans and a t-shirt a little extra diva-liciousness. Did we just make that word up? Regardless, you can get it too, by putting together these easy pieces:

Chadwick jacket

Short bomber jacket from Chadwick’s on sale now, $59.00

Forever 21

Braided knit hat, Forever 21, $8.80

Mossimo scoopneck

White scoop neck long-sleeve tee, Target, $8.99


Long and Lean jeans, from Gap, on sale now, $48.

gold bag

It’s hard to tell just what’s happening with the bag, but just to get a little of that gold vibe, we picked this Genna de Rossi from JC Penney, on sale now for $34.99