CDFA Award Nominees, Sneak Peek of the CNN Profile of Carine Roitfield, No Shampoo, Orla Keily

Who’s taking home a Swarovski Award ring this year, and might Michelle Obama’s first event appearance be in fashion?  Get the full list of 2009 CFDA Award Nominees from Fashionologie.

Fashionistas everywhere await with bated breath for a peek of the upcoming CNN profile of Carine Roitfeld (editor-in-chief of French Vogue).  Everyone is focused on the state of fashion in this economic crisis.  (via the Cut.)


Latest hot new way to save money?  Don’t use shampoo.  Yes, we’re serious.  Claims are that au natural hair becomes healthy, silky and bouncy.  (via Daily Mail, SF Gate.)

The Hostess with the Mostess reviews the adorable new dishware from Orla Keily for Target…and peeks at the pricier Orla Keily brand Spring/Summer 2009 collection, too. 

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  1. says

    @katkelly247 CFDA is sort of like the lobbying group for the fashion industry- sort of like the American Medical Association or the Milk people. They promote fashion, help young fashion designers (most designers ARE NOT rich), and spread fashion goodness around.

  2. Target-Addict says

    I don’t know if I could do the “no shampoo” thing.  And, from the sounds of that article, the results were mixed.  For some, it worked wonders, and for others it was a disaster.  I don’t think I could afford several weeks of potentially BAD hair days just to see whether this trick “works” for me or not!

    All that said: I DO subscribe to the theory that you don’t need to shampoo every single day, and in fact it is better if you give your hair a “rest” for a couple of days in between.  My hairdresser actually recommended this years ago, and besides making your hair healthier, it also really preserves your color (if you color your hair).

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