Layer Up with C&C California on Sale at

The Deal: Layer Up with C&C California on Sale at

The Lowdown: As we transition to spring there are still some days where long sleeves are in order. We recommend donning some flowy stripes, or basic light knits that allow you to layer up. A great way to layer effectively is to purchase sweaters or overshirts that are a bit tunic and that give you room to fit a tank or tee underneath. That way, when you walk out of the breezy shade and into the warm sun, you can remove your tunic and be comfy. Check out Shopbop’s C&C California sale and snag some laid back layering sweaters at a discount.

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  1. Stephania Andrade says

    I layer for work every day. The office can randomly be set in the low 60’s or high 70’s throughout the day. So I prepare for the office temperature change by layering to keep me cool and warm all day long.

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