Fashion Week Spring 2008: Catharine Malandrino Rocks My World

Catherine Malandrino Spring 2008

If you’re frequent reader of this site, you know I’m not prone to overly gush about a designer, store, etc.

But the Catherine Malandrino Spring 2008 was fabulous—like I-would-consider eating-ramen-noodles-for-6-months-and-taking-a-second-job-in-telemarketing fabulous.

Seriously.. Everything was light, fresh, and feminine. Malandrino’s use of color and details like strategic ruffles (I stress strategic- don’t go all Prince Purple Rain on me), made me proud to be a woman.

View the complete show online at

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  1. SassyPants says

    OMG, I love this spring line.  I have been a fan of Catherine Malandrino for a few years, but this makes me want to be skinny!  I love the white dress…  maybe I should get married again, and have a backyard ceremony in the early summer…  No?  The dress would be perfect.  I heart the ruffles, too.  I am such a girly girl!

  2. Judy says

    You are correct…Kathryn…you seldom gush which is why we love you.  However these clothes are truly worth the gushing…really lovely designs…classic but with a twist!

  3. Racheal says

    While I do love the clothes, I am having trouble with the fact that the models look like they’ve not had a good meal in months! It would be nice to see someone with a little meat on their bones walking the runways.  These ladies make my size 8 look like a size 50!

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