Breast Cancer Awareness: Cashmere for the Cure

What: “Cashmere for the Cure” sweater, from Lauren Hansen

The Lowdown: Breast Cancer Awareness Month continues, with a chance for you to combine cashmere with supporting a great cause. This pure cashmere sweater from Lauren Hansen is available now, with a bold pink ribbon design that brings instant recognition and a fun style statement at the same time. Better still, 100% of the profits from sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. And did we mention it’s cashmere?


Buy it: The sweater, $173, is available at My Shape.

And don’t forget—for EVERY published comment during the month of October, The Budget Fashionista will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


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  1. pintucked says

    The giant bow across the bosom seems a bit excessive. I wish there was a solid pink cashmere sweater or something similar. I’d buy that for sure.

  2. Tina says

    I’m all for breast cancer research but I think that all this cause marketing is just another excuse for the big companies to come out with a pink edition of something and pretend to be good citizens.  Many of the breast cancer items cost more than their counterparts because it’s the “pink breast cancer research” edition or what not but how much of it really goes to the research funds?  If people want to donate they should just donate, at least more of their money would go to support the cause.

  3. Daniella says

    Here’s to a buck.

    I like the sweater.  And I’m a sucker for breast cancer pink stuff.  Sure it’s a marketing ploy, this is a capitalistic country.  But for me to purchase, wear, and use these items, it’s a way to show I support the cause (and also donate money to research in general, for the pure sake of charity)and have a constant reminder of what so many women must face.

  4. Sarah says

    There is another way to support Breast Cancer Awareness and it does not cost anything other than a few moments of one’s time.  Go to the Breast Cancer Site (  and click the box for “Free Mammograms.”  The sponsors of the site are willing to donate free mammograms in exchange for advertising.  Obviously, the sponsors hope that people will review cancer-related materials and/or potentially buy items via the website.  However, it is not mandatory for participation in the free mammogram program.  All one has to do is remember to click the free mammogram box daily.  Think how wonderful it would be if one could take a moment each day to do that.  Think of all the women (and men, yes men can get breast cancer too) that could benefit.  Now, that’s something worth hoping and praying for!  God Bless!

  5. Julia says

    It’s great that you’re donating for each comment-as someone whose mom is going to have her breasts removed in a few weeks, I can say that I’m so glad! :)

    $1 for the cure!

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