Carlos Falchi To Target

Uber expensive handbag designer and animal skin lover Carlos Falchi (we would link to his site, but the site is “down”) is partnering up with Target this fall for a line of handbags and accessories. The line, available November 1 through December 27, 2009., will probably feature tons of faux bling (think plastic python and snake print). 

We wonder how these designers lines are doing for Target. Every time we head into our target, we notice there’s a lot of GO designer stuff on sale. We’re just saying…

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  1. eggplant says

    As a vegan, Target (as long as the handbags are not made with animal products) will provide my only opportunity to purchase a handbag by this designer. I find so many handbags by famous designers to e beautiful. I always have to remind myself to buy a more humble handbag so that an animal may not be killed for their skin.

  2. elderberry says

    Ack! that bag looks like my Mother-in-Law’s dog got a hold of it. 
    I still buy a bag at Target when it is on super cheap clearance but Target quality has gone down and the price up.

  3. VirtuallyKim says

    I get really excited when I hear about designers coming to Target and then the stuff arrives and many times it’s not as cute as the pix I’ve seen. I’ve been disappointed by a lot of stuff and bought very little. The GO stuff is aimed at super slim teenagers which is disappointing for a not so slim non teenager like me who would like some fun pieces for my wardrobe. I’m not so much about the handbag they are showing for Carlos.

  4. says

    i like falchi handbags- but i am concerned how they will translate into plastic.. sometime snake skin can look really tacky in plastic.. but i am glad it’s a good option for vegan friends..

  5. BigGirlBlue says

    It’s kind of retro. Reminds me of a bag a babysitter of mine use to carry. She also has a leather jacket with fringe.

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