Carbon-Neutral Panties: Green Fashion

MAS Holdings in Sri Lanka has created the first custom-built eco-factory for manufacturing lingerie. You heard us correctly, eco panties. Thank goodness we can finally start wearing underwear again. Oops! Did we write that out loud?

Most people think of manufacturing facilities overseas as sweat shops employing sad little children, not so with MAS Holdings. A transformative manufacturing facility, they have formed strategic partnerships with customers such as GAP and Victoria’s Secret (MAS Holdings is the single largest supplier to Victoria’s Secret), UN bodies (Global Compact, UNEP, UNESCO), global consumer networks and advocacy groups (Women’s Edge Coalition).

Not only does MAS Holdings empower women both within the company and within the communities they operate, MAS is committed to the United Nations Global Compact and works closely with the United Nations Environmental Program to educate both employees as well as school children in the communites they operate.

How eco is their factory?

* Rather than air conditioning, this panty factory uses evaporative cooling, which uses much less energy
* Natural lighting of workspace to lower needed electricity
* Green roof
* 40% less energy consumption, overall
* 90% of the electricity comes from a hydro-power plant and 10% from on-site solar panels

Ladies, it’s time to put the green in the panty! Finally a good excuse to spend outrageous amounts of money on clothes only the luckiest will ever get to see you in.

Less expensive sources for green panties include H&M’s organic cotton collection. Let the eco panty revolution begin!

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