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The Lowdown: Fashionably speaking, walking the fine line between glam and granny can be tricky at best. Okay so it’s not a terribly fine line and capes are generally not glam — but they can be fun, sassy and, miracle of miracles, practical too (um, a blanket we can wear? we’ll take it). The best approach? The most modern capes this season are by their very nature retro vintage, a look that says you know your style AND you don’t take yourself all too seriously. Keep the rest of your look chic and lean, because a cape is a pretty strong statement in and of itself, and keep your accessories in the vintage realm as well. Finally, our style advice is to pretend you’re in Mad Men if you must — because when it comes to fashion, attitude is everything.

Modcloth is definitely the place to get in a fashion-forward frame of mind, and they’re what got us thinking about capes to begin with — if you’re ready to take a little fashion risk (we say do it) check our our top picks here for the win.

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Our Picks:

cape 1 Caped Crusaders:

1. Bright Blue Yonder Cape, $147.99 Caped Crusaders:
2. Cape May, $94.99 Caped Crusaders:

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3. Feminine and Feline Cape, $69.99 Caped Crusaders:
4. Manta Ray Sweater, $72.99
 Caped Crusaders:

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5. Morning Toffee Cape, $89.99 Caped Crusaders:
6. Taupe Couture Cape, $54.99 Caped Crusaders: