Cans Plus All That Junk in Your Junk Drawer: Recycle This

We all have that drawer (usually in the kitchen) where miscellaneous things gather: keys we no longer remember what they unlock, screws, tacks, cabinet pulls we’ve replaced but couldn’t bring ourselves to part with. Now The Budget Ecoist has a way for you to have fun with your kids and make use of some of that junk in your kitchen drawer! Robots! Recycled robots, to be exact.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Cans (soup, vegetable, baked beans, etc.)
Miscellaneous junk from the drawer
Roll of magnetic strip (purchase at your local craft store)
Glue gun

Let your kids (or you…if you’re a kid at heart!) scavenge through the junk drawer and make decisions about what makes for good eyes, hair, ears, mouth, nose, earrings, and more. Let them be creative! The more junk used the better! Take the magnetic strip and cut small pieces of magnet to be attached to the backs of the chosen pieces to be attached to your robot. Note that magnetic strips often have a sticky backing, but for the purposes of this project we find gluing the magnetic pieces to our junk makes for a sturdier robot. We tried Elmer’s glue, but a glue gun worked best. Be warned: adults should be responsible for operating the glue gun! Hot, hot, hot!

Once the magnetic pieces have been attached to the “junk,” the kids can go to town, attaching the pieces to the can to create their very own recycled robot! We’ve included a picture of one of our robots.

Take a picture of your robot, post it and send us the link!

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