These Bloggers Show Us How to Have a Candy-Coated Summer

You knew it was bound to be a big deal when it began popping up all over Pinterest, but the minty fresh shades are gaining some staying power thanks to some major blog love. Internet fashionistas are showing us there’s more ways than one to nail a candy-coated look, from working it into accessories, your beauty routine or even into a monochromatic ensemble. Pop the milky green tone with other sweet shades or contrast it with basic black and you’ll be able to take the trend well into cooler seasons.

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  1. KingUvdaStreetUrbanClothing says

    The “Irmi of The Fashion Effect” and “Vanessa at Stylish Me” are both really nice looks that any women can add to her wardrobe? I think it’s great that designers are using the minty fresh shades, candy-coated looks and milky green tones for outfits and accessories. It adds a little flare to fashion and is fun!

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