Candie’s Thinks Abstinence Is… Sexy

What: It’s so very appropriate that Candies paired up with Britney Spears a little while back. Maybe they were hinting at their latest teen fashion line, which promotes abstinence, and is headed up by the Candie’s Foundation and Seventeen magazine. (Remember when Britney said she’d save herself for marriage?) Young mommy Bristol Palin is the spokesperson for the line. Hey, we’re all for preventing teen pregnancy…but we’re bewildered about how Candie’s is going about this ambitious task. Shirts include tag lines like “I’m sexy enough to keep you waiting.” Shouldn’t those encouraging abstinence discourage graphic (tee) innuendo?

What They Say:

The foundation is currently pushing their new t-shirt design, created in partnership with Seventeen, which reads: “I’m Sexy Enough To Keep You Waiting.” A number of other designs were considered, shown on the website in this charming graphic, with girls in flirty tees surrounding text that reads: “Be Sexy! It Doesn’t Mean You Have To Have Sex!”

What We Say: We’re just as puzzled as you are. If Bristol was all about this abstinence movement, wouldn’t she put her time and effort into something a little more effective? We’re thinking she’s just looking for the publicity here. What are your thoughts?

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  1. EmilyKennedy says

    Ugh.  It’s gross.  This is totally the wrong side of the ideological debate for Candies to land on.  Phooey.

  2. Darklady says

    Why not just produce a more honest tank top?

    Maybe something along the lines of “I’m really just a huge cock tease and once you slip a ring on my finger and I finally put out, you’re gonna be way disappointed?”

  3. Memaw says

    I think the whole thing is just wrongheaded.  How can Candies possibly promote abstinence with t-shirts that bray about sex and with spokespersons who were clearly failures at what they’re now promoting?  It’s just opportunism on everyone’s part here.  If a girl really wants to remain a virgin, she doesn’t wear a shirt that’s essentially daring guys to “deflower” her.  It would be quite funny if it didn’t have the unfortunate possibility of affecting the lives of impressionable young girls.

  4. mondrian says

    I thought America already voted on the abstinence-only sex education (amongst other things), and we voted against it.  I didn’t like Candie’s before, but I definitely don’t like them now.  I imagine the only people buying their cheap shoes are in Kansas, epicenter of everything backwards.  I hate the Sarah Palin for turning her daughter’s intimate indiscretion into a right-wing rallying point.  When Sarah Palin isn’t pulling Bristol’s puppet strings, Bristol’s personal opinion is that abstinence isn’t a viable options for teens.  Unfortunately for Bristol, she isn’t allowed to express her opinions very often.

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