BuyWithMe Site Review

It’s a tough internet out there with all those deal sites to choose from, we know. Life can be hard. We’re here to make it easier with our next site review of BuyWithMe

Our Review: We’re afraid this review isn’t going to be very long. Why? Because, you have seen this site before when you joined Groupon We know, it’s hard for other deal sites to compete with such a comprehensive, well-known one such as Groupon but they try. BuyWithMe has some fun coupons, customized to your local area at great discounts. Want to see a comedy show or learn to dance? BuyWithMe has it along with many others.

Don’t mistake our comparison for a put-down, though. Our motto about deals is that you can never have too many, so what’s the harm in bookmarking this site along with the rest? No harm. None.

Verdict: Yea, because why the heck not?

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  1. John O'Connell says

    Be very careful. They don’t give refunds. Make sure you ask questions before you buy. I have a massage coupon but can’t use it because they only do massages three days a week, while I’m at work. No Fridays or weekends. Make sure you get all the fine print details before you buy. These are low prices only because of the restrictions.

    And they give you a customer service number to call to talk to a “real live person”, but it is only voicemail and they don’t return calls.

  2. Lish says

    ^Agreed. I didn’t catch the fine print until after I’d already purchased, but even then, I was okay with it. What I’m not okay with is the fact that I haven’t received the vouchers a full MONTH later (they were promised within 10-14 days). Their excuse was that they must have been lost or stolen, but I find it hard to believe that the tickets each member of my family bought (there was a limit of one per person) were ALL lost or stolen. The only response I got from them came after I threatened to tell their customers what their company is really like. I would definitely avoid this company in the future.

  3. Janette Chavez says

    I also bought the AMC tickets voucher which I never received any tickets. I contacted them and they said they would resend me some and expect them in 10-14 days. As I do have a life and don’t wait for the mail daily–it was a few weeks before I contacted them again. The excuse was something about the mail running slow. Are we in a holiday season I am unaware of? Haven’t received them yet! Also bought The Homework Crew cleaning voucher. What a nightmare! They were scheduled to come on Saturday July 2nd from 3-5. I got a call on Friday 6pm confirming the time. THEN at midnight I got an email from them stating they would have to reschedule due to the 4th of July holiday. Well, guess what? After 6 emails going back and forth with that person—I get an email last night from Buy With Me that the voucher is no longer valid and I would get a refund. So, I have only bought 2 vouchers from them and they were both flops. NO MORE!!!!

  4. Alex Zhong says

    This site is absolutely uncomparable to groupon site, especially their customer services. There is risk you’ll just lose your money because of their irresponsible process. We purchased the O Spa Landon voucher, but tried many times and always encounter errors when applying the voucher during the transaction. emailed buywithme site, and were told to wait a week to use the voucher because the merchant site had technical problem…waited more than a week, still not working, yet this time even worse, it said the voucher had been used!! emailed again buywithme, but this time NO response from them at all! very frustrating and dishonest business.

  5. says

    I will admit I have bought a few things and had no problems.. But that is only provided the service that I bought from were ok.. For example I bought a massage.. well the spa that I was going to happened to be reputible so thats the only reason I didn’t have a problem. but when you are dealing with buywithme directly ure in trouble. I purchased the amc movie tickets and never got them.. they said there was a problem and no one got their tickets.. what kind of problem could happen where no one gets their tickets? and if they were having such problems why did I have to hunt them down to find out.. well they ran the promotion again to redeem themselves. My main issue i have is the fact that they claimed they were charging 3 dollars for shipping.. I found it strange that they insisted on shipping vouchers.. why not just make them printable? I’ll tell you why.. because the 3 dollars wasnt for shipping.. I recieved my tickets and they sent them in a tiny envelope that required a regualar 32 cent stamp (or however much stamps cost these days) and on top of that I had purchased two sets.. they charged me for BOTH sets but then consolodated all the sets into one envelope! How dare you charge me for both orders but then ship them all as one order.. that is dishonest and unethical.. I don’t care about the 6 dollars.. it’s the lying cheating and dishonesty that bothers me.I will stick with groupon!

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