Fashion Advice: Purchasing a Designer Bag

QI recently found a handbag online that I absolutely love. At $645, it is more than I have ever spent for a hangbag. However, it is a gorgeous floral embossed bag in brown (comes in black as well). The bag is advertised as a spring bag so I am wondering if I could only wear it in the spring or would it be ok for the winter as well. I love this bag and while I do not have a lot of money, I could afford it by the end of the summer. If I could use it in the winter as well, than it would be even more worth it to me.

A1.  There is a few basic rules to follow when switching from summer to fall—no white accessories after labor day, pack up the pastels until spring, sandals only with tights—but basically you can and should create your own look regardless of season. Plus, those of us on a budget don’t have the option of spending $700 every season for a new bag. So, I say go ahead and buy the darker brown bag and wear it in the winter, although a black bag will resist stains and wear and tear a bit better.

2. Think about how many times you’ll realistically carry the bag. Will you carry it everyday for the next year? Once or twice a month? etc. Divide those times into the cost of the bag and determine the cost per wear. Always shoot for less than $2 per cost per wear for expensive items like a designer handbag (you’ll have to carry the bag around 320 times over the lifetime of the bag in order to reach this goal).

Happy Shopping,