4. Time-Share – This is one of our favorite options: the Time-Share.

Time Share Should I Buy a Fake Handbag?

If the luxury item in questions is something that you and your friends are dying over, why not split the cost and share the item? Depending on the number of people in on the split, it could go something like this: you and your two BFFs fall in lurve with a gorgeous (insert uber fab bag name here) but the price point is just too high, so you split the cost and share it. If there’s three of you, you can rotate it with each one of you keeping the bag for four months out of the year, or you can just pass it on every month. Time-sharing is a great way to get what you want (that limited edition Prada tote) without getting what you don’t want (maxing your overdraft). Just be sure that your terms are clear and that you are, in fact, very good friends, because after all, all’s fair in love and designer bags, n’est-ce pas?