3. Bag, Borrow, Steal – Remember that scene in “Sex and the City” the movie when Jennifer Hudson’s character reveals she got her limited edition denim patchwork Louis Vuitton from Bag, Borrow, Steal and she says, “It’s like Netflix for purses.” Well, she was right. BBS is the best place for you if you don’t want to commit that much money to one item or if you just want to test drive a certain style. This Yves St. Laurent costs $44 a week for rent (or $130 per month – you get a better price the longer you borrow) and the cost of the rental includes insurance for normal wear and tear. Should the bag be lost, stolen or suffer “excessive or abusive damage” then it’s important to note that the borrower will be accountable for additional charges and fees.

Yves St. Laurent Should I Buy a Fake Handbag?

Yves St. Laurent bag from Bag, Borrow, Steal