Personal Finance Advice: Buy and Sell Coupons and Giftcards on eBay



How many times have you received a gift card to store that you would never shop at in a million years? I betcha more than a few… Well you can sell that giftcard and/or purchase someone else’s unwanted gift card on eBay.

Furthermore, you can purchase coupons to your favorite stores on eBay as well. But before buying these coupons do a quick search online to see if you can find that same coupon for free and never pay more than $2.00 for a coupon.

eBay gift cards and gift certificates eBay coupons

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  1. Julie says

    I used to buy gift cards off ebay but after one too many cons I’ve stopped doing so. Most people are legitimate and not there to rip you off but I just choose the wrong ones to bid on.

  2. Fran says

    I have read that there are a lot of ebay gift card scams, such as sometimes the gift cards are expired or don’t have the balance remaining on them that the auction said they did.  You will want to make sure the seller has very good feedback and that everything in their auctions and history feels right to you.

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