Butterfly Necklaces: Fall 2009 Fashon Guide


Top Five For Fall: Butterfly Necklaces

1. Wooden Butterfly Pendant Necklace – Red  – with FREE GIFT BAG, $8.90 at Etsy.com

2. Butterfly Wing Pendant , $15.00 at Etsy.com

3. FULL TILT Butterfly 16” Necklace , $5.99 at Tilly.com

4. Butterfly and Blossom Necklace,  $8.80, at Forever21.com

5. Vintage Butterfly Necklace, $36.00 at Etsy.com

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  1. tatum says

    It is awesome that you have Etsy choices on here.  There are so many talented people on there.  Great necklace choices!

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