Beauty Tip: Keep Those Eyebrows Bushy

What: Bushy dark eyebrows, the hot new beauty statement.

Who: Sienna Miller, et. al. are continuing where Brooke Shields left off.

What the fashion heads say:The Evening Standard’s ThisisLondon: “The actress proved rather heavy handed in the make-up department, sporting bizarre – and rather distracting – dark eyebrows and dramatic red lipstick during her recent visit to Rome.”

What I say: Love it and this is coming from a woman who has a love affair with her tweezerman.

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  1. Melissa says

    I love it! I think one of the surest ways to tell a womans age is to look at her eye brows- seems the thinner = the older.

  2. Alex says

    I love natural eyebrows! No matter what’s fashionable, natrual is the way all eyebrows should look. Now I don’t mean not tweezing at all and having out of place hairs, but keeping them naturally in tact is the hottest look on a woman. Overplucking and drawing them are never sexy. Ever. Some women just don’t seem to know when to stop plucking.

  3. Michele says

    I love my Tweezerman, too, but the minute I turned 40, I said the h*** with it! I’ve minimized my life. No hair coloring, no shaving (waxing only), minimal make-up. I make sure my eyebrows are in good shape by checking them out everyday. People have asked me if I get them waxed. That’s for legs! But I do something I shouldn’t. I bleach around my eyebrows. I know it’s weird but after 20+ years of doing this, it cuts back on time AND it’s easier to see the stubborn ones. Leave the bleach on for 5 minutes tops and wipe-off. Take your contacts off first!

  4. says

    Last season I read that heavier brows were coming back- I think it was Keira Knightly that was used as an example at that time. I’m not a fan of ultra-thin brows; I’m more of a natural-yet-groomed girl. Still, I thought I’d try the darker, thicker brows.

    Call me a slave to the fashion magazines, but when I was the only one I ever saw with thicker brows, I tweazed them down a bit. If this trend really takes off, I might try it again. Or not.

    I don’t like how dark Sienna’s brows are in that picture in relation to her hair. A little darker is fine, but that’s overkill.

  5. lisa says

    she only had these eybrows for a fashion campaign she was shooting. its not like she runs around on a normal day with brows this thick and dark.

  6. lulu says

    Well yeah, Sienna’s eyebrows are a little too dark and too thick, especially for her haircolor, but it’s just stage makeup. The natural eyebrows are the way to go. Like alex said, don’t overpluck. When it’s just enough it looks beautiful and effortless.

  7. Carla says

    If you’re going to do bushy eyebrows, at least have them match your hair color.  Sienna’s eyebrows look horrible – they are too dark for her hair. 

    Mine are naturally thick and I love it (cleaned up not just wild) but they MATCH my hair: dark brown.

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