Bunions are probably one of the most common foot problems that no one wants to talk about. Why? Because even your mani-pedi won’t make them magically disappear. Plus, what type of comfy shoes can you wear when one has bunions without sacrificing cuteness? (Because sometimes orthopedic flip flops scream ”I didn’t try”).

I’ll put a disclaimer on this right now: If  you feel that you need to visit an orthopedic specialist, please do.  But if you are trying to fit cute pairs of shoes into your wardrobe without further damaging your precious tootsies, here are some ideas. And best of all, we kept them under $50!

First of all.. What are Bunions?

According to Bunion Center, the underlying problem is that tight shoes put pressure against the foot which causes a painful swelling on the big toe. Although some experts think that bunions are  genetic, many believe that the  problem is exacerbated by ill-fitting shoes, specifically tightness and pointedness. So if you take away “tight and pointy”, here are some options that should give your feet a break.

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4.  Winter Wonderland

Sugar Moragami Boot, Sugar Moragami Boot from DSW
Flat boots are your best friend during the colder months. Sure we all love a pair of sexy high heeled booties, but high shoes can take a negative toll on your feet. Support your natural arch with a flat-footed shoe.

Don’t let bunions win. There’s plenty of options out there, even if you’re on a budget!