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Building diamond rings on has to be my number one, all time, favorite way to procrastinate while on the web and the perfect activity to get you ready for the Oscars. Now Harry Winston won’t loan you $2 million dollars worth of custom diamond jewelry to wear to your kids spring play, but by building your own ring on, you can, for a fleeting moment, pretend like you’re a Hollywood star. Plus it’s a great way for single budget fashionistas to offer hints to their beaus (I suggest emailing this post to them, adding lines like “Oh , look at what I found. Isn’t this blog post funny? I wonder if this build a ring thing really works?”)

Here’s how to build your own ring . . .

Step 1: Select Your Diamond
The first step is to select your diamond shape from the 9 different available shapes. This time I choose the radiant cut for a nice bling affect.

Step 2: Select your price range and quality of diamond
I say go for the $12,000-$20,000 price range and a carat range of 2.5-4. IRAs and home ownership iare for sissies.

Color and Clarity
A diamond’s value is determined primarily by the 4 Cs—Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight.  The higher level color, the better the cut, the larger the carat, etc all increases the value and the price of the diamond. So a .5 carat flawless diamond can cost signficantly more than a 3 carat severely flawed diamond.

Step 3: Select your setting
So now, you choose your setting from five different types, as well as the type of metal you want for your setting. I chose platinum with several smaller diamonds.

Step 5: Select A Sugar Daddy
Someone’s got to pay for the ring . . .

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